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Everything you need to know about iVote-App
No longer will professors, educators, speakers, conference deliverers and students have to become psychological experts reading facial expressions and body language. Or have to do the dreary and inaccurate hands-up type of polling. The app also has the additional benefit of keeping the audience included, engaged and interested in what is being said.

In summary, this PowerPoint polling app can be accessed from any smartphone, tablet or similar device by all presentation attendees to give real-time feedback to questions and surveys. This way of getting democratic results directly from within PowerPoint slide decks is unrivalled within the industry.

Who can use iVote-App?

The industries that can take advantage of this exceptional audience response system are exhaustive. In fact, there is no specific industry excluded from its use. The people inside these different industries that will benefit from its features include, but are not limited to:

• University lecturers
• Conference leaders
• Keynote speakers
• Team leaders
• Students who present
• Social scientists conducting experiments
• Event hosts conducting live audience polling

In short, if you present to live audiences, you can use iVote-App.

What are the specific features of iVote-App?

The ideas and aims of iVote are fairly straightforward. Ask your audience questions and get instant, live results. This allows presenters to gain highly useful insights related to the subject matter being discussed. Yet, there are plenty more beneficial features that the product can help you achieve. One of the key features is that it can run polls anonymously. This is effective at gaining authentic and genuine responses by the audience members who may hide their views due to controversy, fear of offending or who are too nervous to voice their thoughts publicly.

You can also do the opposite and pre-set your audience list to capture individual responses and create trends. This is especially useful for social scientists who need to capture comparative data or to track progress. The types of questions that are asked can also be adapted for the speaker’s needs. You can choose to make open text questions and multiple-choice questions to capture both quantitative and qualitative data. After the event, to ensure the speaker is then able to access all the responses given, the data is stored in a variety of informative reports which can be taken back to the meeting room, the lab or wherever else the results may be needed.

It doesn’t stop there. The iVote solution also has a number of advanced features that will ensure your presentations truly do stand out from the rest. Word clouds are a great visual aid to view text response questions. Try the demographic feature to split polling results into audience group subsets or add scoring polls to create a competitive edge! With iVote-App, you can keep things simple or take it to the next level.

Want to experience iVote-App PowerPoint polling?

If the iVote-App application sounds like the perfect answer to your meeting inefficiency and lack of input from presentation attendees, then why not give it a try? You can access a free plan of iVote so you understand the benefits of using this innovative live polling app technology first hand!

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